Presentation of the vocal ensemble Les Métaboles
Jonathan Harvey - The Angels / teaser
Bernard Cavanna - Messe un jour ordinaire / teaser
Cori Spezzati - The art of spatialized choirs / teaser

The art of spatialized choirs from the Baroque to the present day. Recording France Musique at Royaumont - Autumn 2020

Le Papillon noir of Yann Robin / teaser
Johannes Brahms - Liebeslieder Walzer / teaser

EPK - Recording at Royaumont - Autumn 2020

Johannes Brahms - Liebeslieder Walzer / concert at Royaumont 2020

Concert recorded at Royaumont Abbey on Sunday September 2, 2020, during the Royaumont Festival.

Eric Whitacre - Sleep / Live France Musique 2018
Recording for NomadPlay application

Léo Warynski and Les Métaboles were in Vézelay for a week to record their voices for NomadPlay.
This application, developed by NoMadMusic, allows users to put ON / OFF any instrumentalist or singer on a recorded tape to rehearse and play their part.

Une nuit américaine with Quentin Bisch, perfumer / teaser

Les Métaboles - Léo Warynski, direction. Une nuit américaine - Olfactory concert, an original and unique concept in France

Philippe Hersant - Psaume CXXX / Live at Couvents des Dominicains de Haute Alsace 2017
Morten Lauridsen - O Magnum Mysterium / live at Église des Billettes 2015

Francis Poulenc - O Magnum Mysterium / Live at Église des Billettes 2015
Francis Poulenc - Hodie Christus natus est / Live at Église des Billettes 2015